Friday, April 29, 2011

Love/Hate The $ Store

As I was driving to work, trying to hold in the 247823468236483 sneeze of the morning it hit me... I know EXACTLY where this cold came from....

It happened a few days ago, I decided to venture into unknown waters, wanting to see what a whole new world was like, after all I do love exploring... So I hit up... wait for it... the Dollar Store! Sick Business, right? (okay, okay, it's no crazy jungle like the Amazon Rainforest, but still... there were all walks of life in this place!)

So yeah, the second I parked in the lot, I knew this was going to be a crazy experience and really, crazy is a calm word to use for the mass crowds running around the store as if they were all stocking their bomb shelters for fear that a bomb were to hit at any second (oh shit, did I just jinx something?)...

As for myself, I mosied along the aisles taking in the sights of brand name products being sold at one FLIPPING dollar! How on earth is this possible? It doesn't make any sense... and why don't more people shop at these stores. Actually I take that back, I really don't need to have a stampede of people coming at me as I pick up the *gasp* last extra large, vanilla scented body lotion the store has... I just want to shop with peace.

During my little wandering spree (Oh Emily, how I wish you were there with me), I couldn't help but have a thought in the back of my mind... that the store was filthy. Every thing that I touched, I knew I was introducing some sort of bacteria onto my body... but I just couldn't care enough because I mean... Tide, Colgate, Tresemee, Earth Bound Organics... ALL AT ONE DOLLAR - Screw the germs, I am going in!

I walked out of that store... $8 down on two dish soap bottles, a few energy drinks (guilty pleasure), a cute little fake flower arrangment, hand soap and body wash. Eight bucks, really?!?!?! Little did I know, I picked up one other thing on the way out too... this ridiculous head cold I now have.

So the moral of this story? Screw it, go in for the "kill" save yourself a few bucks and purchase all your necessities at a dollar store, BUT beware!!! You might want to pick up some cold medication when you're there too...

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