Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shout Outs!

So I have a couple shout outs to give right now...

#1 Shout Out: Melissa Kaskel's FINGER! If it weren't for her amazing finger landing on my second shout out's name... we wouldn't have gotten our head shots taken from a remarkably inexpensive, yet dedicated and awesome woman!

(No, not Melissa's FINGER... but, if the picture was expanded, you'd see it!)

#2 Shout Out: Linda Vanoff! You rock my world... although slightly premature (ha ha, premature... yea, that's not actually how I am referring to that term in this context, thanks dirty mind), I love this woman! I haven't actually seen the pictures she took of Melissa and I but next week I will give you all the full report! All I can say is that if I need a mom out here in LA, this is my go-to!

#3 Shout Out: Armen Atoyan! Um, yea, so I just spelled out your last name... it's kinda weird. And when you just use your initials it's AA... Hmmm.... but yea, I know you're not in AA... Any ways, the reason why I am shouting out to you is because you need to GET OUT OF YOUR FUNK ASAP! I told you that I would snap you out of it, so here is my minor first attempt... don't make me smack you, ha ha - Oh I would never!

Alright, that is all - if you want a shout out, DO SOMETHING STUNNINGLY MAJESTIC!

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