Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eating out

It's almost time to stuff my face just as much as this girl!

Seriously, I can eat this chick under the table!

OH BOY did that sound wrong or what! Honest, I am no rug muncher, I just munch FOOD and lots of it!

The reason why I am bring it up? Because my dad flew into LA yesterday evening so that he could have dinner with me tonight! Obviously my love for food and eating is genetic, ha ha.

Although... in terms of how much I eat, that's just me because I constantly amaze my parents about how much I stuff in my face. Oh but they're not the only ones who are in awe as I eat my 5th pound of salmon... or my ninth bucket (and I am talking horse feed bucket) filled with spinach!

Every single time I go out to eat I always ask the server how much will be served in the main dish and he or she always cocks their head and says, "oh don't worry, there will certainly be enough for you". Yes, I understand that I might look like a little girl, but check out my mouth, it's huge! (I can stick my fist in it, wo wo)...

Oh and you wanna know what happens when my entree gets to the table? I look at it a little disappointed because it's really a measly portion... wolf it and order a second one for dessert... I limit myself to two meals though because my wallet doesn't exactly have as big of an appetite as I do.

What I love is that my dad is obsessed with food and willing to shell out the big bucks so as to please my tummy... and tonight certainly won't disappoint.

Oh all you fishies out there... I hope your shaking in your... scales? You should be more terrified of me than a damn shark, I am telling you!


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