Monday, April 25, 2011


I just looked down at this piece of paper and it said "rocking"... While that is a staple word in my vocabulary I couldn't help but think about all things that have come to mind when I think about rocking... so here goes.

- Rocking Chair
- Rocks
- Boulders
- Sail Boats
- Titanic
- Partying
- Elephants (not Easter elephant though)
- Pebbles
- Supporting (wearing)
- Rocky Mountains
- Rock Climbing
- White Water Rafting
- Bum Lip
- Crows (the Aesop fable with the pebbles and the water!)
- Bling Bling
- Rocket

Now when I voiced this word to the crowd... here are some words that came to their mind:
- Horse
- Dancing
- Concert
- Chair/Rocking Chair
- Bye Baby
- Bodies
- Back & Forth
- Dementia
- Socks
- Dreidel

And what did GOOGLE think of when I asked him what he thinks of when he thinks of rocking?

What do you think of? Let me know!

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