Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Never" Felt Worse

(When I went to Santa Monica I got my portrait drawn!)

Yup. I am sitting here mid-day in my apartment wrapped in about 4 soft as mink fir (mmm, mink fir) blankets watching TV as the sun shines outside and makes all the sexy bodies (and um, not so sexy... I am talking to you purple speedo!) laying out at the pool tan...

Still sick.
Earlier I was thinking, "ugh I have never felt worse" but WTF am I thinking, of course I have felt worse. It's funny when we all get sick. We all finally think in the NOW and think about how crappy we feel (without remembering what prior sicknesses were like).

All I know is that after I said, "ew I have never felt worse" I definitely retracted that statement because shit, I certainly HAVE! I mean, hello cecal volvulus!

So now I am going to think... just another cold. It will go soon enough and I will be back to normal. But for now, I am going to go back to my TV watching (GASP - I don't DO THIS DURING THE DAY!!!) and oh baby, it's getting sexy on screen, clothes are coming off... and NO I am not watching porn!

GiGi, PRETEND that it's pouring outside... maybe a blizzard. Yeah, in LA - sweet.

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