Thursday, April 21, 2011

Damn Tooth Fairy

I feel like I got my wisdom teeth pulled again.

Is that possible? Maybe I just have SO MUCH wisdom that a second set grew in my mouth and last night the tooth fairy decided she was jealous of my wisdom and decided to rip them out of my mouth while I was sleeping like a rock... or maybe she drugged me? Well she could have left me some pain pills under my pillow this morning because whoa dude...

Actually though, I know what it is from. I bit my cheek HARD CORE... I think two days ago, and now it feels like a freakin' mountain has grown on the inside of my mouth. I swear my speech is being affected by this ginormous mound that has taken up residency.

And no people, I know what some of you are all thinking. I do not have HERPES. So you can stop all those, "Oh my god, GiGi is infested" or "Ew, I don't want to know what has been going on in GiGi's mouth" comments swarming around your head right now. I just happen to have the jaws of LIFE in my mouth and got a little too into eating some food (or maybe it was chewing my beloved Orbit)...

Pretty much the moral of the story is... DO NOT PISS ME OFF OR I WILL BITE YOU.

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