Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dancing Chihuahuas

I was driving around earlier today and at an intersection I saw two Chihuahuas and some other mangy mutt going to TOWN... and actually thought to myself (while hysterically laughing considering I grew up and still own a few German Shepherds)... "cat fight"? Then I thought... I wonder what those little rats are THINKING right now.

Dog on Left: I want a dog biscuit... I need a dog biscuit... I am going through withdrawal!
Dog on Right: Holy shit, you look like a possessed Easter Bunny.

See asshole, we're not meant to wear clothes!

I am going to kung-fu the next Doberman that tries to eat me.
Bondage puppy?

Do I look like I would be able to save someone from a burning building? In about 5 seconds I am going to rip this FLIPPING RIDICULOUS outfit off and shove it down your throat... 5...4...

DOG ON LEFT: Aw man, get the hell off of me, you smell like the shit I took earlier today.
DOG ON RIGHT: I want pancakes.


That's right, you only wish you had as nice of a head of hair as I do. Oh wait, you do... since I stole it from your bedroom.

If this doesn't scare away all the bullies at the dog park, I am going to become a cat and stay inside forever.

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