Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reality Show Bonanza!

SERIOUSLY - there are about 5 billion reality shows about absolutely everything (or NOTHING - when you think about it) these days...

- Shows about whiny teenagers (The Hills, Laguna Beach, 16 and Pregnant, etc -- all MTV shows?)
- Shows about people losing weight (Biggest Loser, Work out, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, etc)
- Shows about people finding love (Bachelor, Bachelorette, Love in the Wild, etc)
- Shows about people risking their lives by performing ridiculous stunts (Big Brother, Survivor, etc)
- Shows about being stranded on deserted islands (Same as above + more)
- Shows about being rich (Real Housewives...)
- Shows about plastic surgery (Real Housewives...)
- Shows about celebrity lives (Um, really Paris, another show coming out about your life? The Simple Life was pretty hysterical - but I think Nicole is what made it funny... OKAY FINE I will watch an episode only because you told me I was really pretty when I met you!)
- Shows about.... yeah you get it!

Well yesterday I went hiking in Malibu with a guided tour (HIKES & BIKES LA)... and well, we (my mother and I... and of course the guide) were filmed for a reality show. Ha! Really, a reality show about hiking?

Actually, I am not entirely sure the show was 100% hiking cause that would be more dull than staring at a pile of shit... I actually think the show has something to do with starting a new company and wanting it to EXPLODE into the next "big thing" in outdoor sports and what not.

Any ways, it was fun filming, I was totally down with it (because I secretly want a reality show all to myself! ha ha ha ha) and I totally whooped my mom's ass (and this other dude... yeah, just envision another dude... you get it) when we had to climb up this FEROCIOUS sand dune five times. BOOO YA - My cardio for 2 hours a day comes in handy!! Screw all of you who think I am a complete nut job -HA HA, just kidding - cause I totally am!

So when will this be airing and on what network? Well apparently it will be on BRAVO this FALL but I will certainly keep you posted as the air date nears....

Hm, could I put this on my resume as experience? ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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