Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So random things get thrown around my head constantly.... Here goes.

- You should really stop eating tin foil GiGi, even if it tastes delicious. Iron!
- I really do like when it is cloudy and rains outside because I don't feel guilty for being inside.
- Kinda sad about that Panda dying... it was 35 years old though, wonder how many years that is in Panda?
- I wish that damn check I got yesterday from the Jewish Foundation in San Francisco yesterday for $2,800 was real.
- If only it were that easy to get paid.
- My tea is freaking delicious right now, but definitely NOT as good as White Chocolate Kisses.
- I should brush my teeth again. I love the minty feeling.
- My damn laundry machine is so loud and takes for ever.
- Mt. Everest and K2 are slowly eroding (ha! I only know what that means!)
- My mom is coming to visit in a week, woo woo!
- Oh I cannot wait for Thanksgiving, TURKEY!
- Speaking of Turkey, last year at this time my family and I were GOING TO TURKEY (the country)
- I want to chew a piece of gum.
- Why in the world is my WORDS WITH FRIENDS game so dead today?
- Arnold S. is a man slut
- Who isn't a man slut these days? Answer me that!
- I have no desire to go to the beach right now - well not shit, it's raining.
- Sharks are freaking terrifying!
- Yeah, that's why I am scared of water.... I do shower however.
- I wonder what time it is in Mozambique right now
- Dammit, I wanna ride a giraffe.
- I also want to tame hippos and form a traveling circus.
- Wait, no I don't.


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