Friday, May 13, 2011

The Great Rift Valley in the US

So the other day I was looking in the mirror (wait, I do that everyday, duh!) and I couldn't help but notice this SEXY... yes very sexy wrinkle on my forehead. Just popped in to say "hey!"

But wait, it's not leaving, so yeah, it has taken up residence... it now no longer looks sexy.

Considering I want to get into TV hosting and be plastered (ha, nice verb for the subject matter, right?) on posters, magazine, TV screens, etc (yeah, I know airbrushing can take care of this effing Great Rift Valley on my forehead) I thought... "hm, what about botox? I mean I am almost 24... and starlets these days are getting it done as young as age 14," yeah I am looking at you... Hillary Duff - I know your secrets!

I explained my "FIASCO" to my mother but she of course told me to wait... she hasn't seen me in almost 5 months so really she has no idea how much this bad boy (I would spank you if I could?) has grown.

But how on earth can I wait now after reading that a damn EIGHT YEAR OLD had botox!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That's just ridiculous, I AM SORRY... Actually no, I am not sorry because blimey (dipping into some British lingo, yes) that is just preposterous! (ha ha, had to continue). Apparently we are never too young to mess with our looks although this story has made me come to the conclusion that I don't want to alter my face. I happen to like my nose. Ha.

I have to be frank though... I have actually never really had the desire to EVER get botox, it was more of a joke than anything... I mean when the time comes MAYBE but right now, nah, gotta flaunt what I have got... and I mean, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Africa, so having a little bit of it on my forehead is almost as if I am there (when I close my eyes I see Rafiki and Mufasa!).

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