Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy Shout Out!

This day is a little sad.

I haven't seen my mom since early January. This is the l o n g e s t I have gone without seeing her. Luckily she will be visiting me at the end of the month (although she is coming to help me with as I get a very invasive procedure done where I need to get DRUGGED - so that is not exactly the most fun time to spend with her, ha ha) but I cannot help but feel a TAD bit sad today as everyone else is eating brunch/lunch/dinner with their mothers... or are doing other fun activities.

My day with my mom will come though!

I love you so much mom. I could seriously ramble on and on about why I love you so very much. I mean, you gave me life, you tell me like it is (no sugar coating), you listen to everything I say and offer advice, yadda, yadda (my mom doesn't read this blog so really I am just writing this to remind myself, ha ha, and really I can just talk to myself). Pretty much what I want to say is...


I will try my hardest to make you proud of me.

MiMi, Je t'adore! (MiMi is my grandmother, whom I actually JUST CALLED - go me! PS: She is French... wait, my whole family is... but I am always reminded when I talk to her or my grandfather because they still have VERY thick accents even though they moved to the states... uh, a long ass time ago. More power to them. If anything I am just jealous.)

Don't forget to treat your mother with complete and utter respect today!

Wait... you should be doing that every single day!

**Oh and to all my aunts and female cousins who have children: happy mother's day to you as well!

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