Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So this might sound gross (but I don't effin' care)... and I promise I am going to take a shower after I write this post (mmm, shower!), but I haven't washed my hair since... FRIDAY! Now doesn't that sound delicious! I read somewhere that it's good not to wash your hair every day so yea, that's my excuse!

My hair is pretty gnarley right now though, oily and shit... probably could be formed into any of these crazy (and SEXY might I add?) dos!!

 (Rudolph comes early this year!)
 (Celebrating the fact that I am getting a new puppy!)

 (Hey, I am still a Wyoming girl at heart - perhaps if I encountered a bear she/he would think I were its cub!)

 (I no longer need to go on my African safari!)

 (Is that a Walrus... Sea Otter, Sabertooth tiger? Why haven't runway models been sporting this look?)
 (That do sort of looks like... fill in the blank! ha ha ha!)

(Holy Shit, best look ever! Giraffe's effin' rock! Emily & I would rock these bad boys every day!)

You know what? Now that I look at these, eff taking a shower. I am going to mold my slick hair into one of these ferocious animals! Which one should I rock?!?! Which one would YOU want to sport?

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